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Thoughts on Armed School Staff

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Thoughts on armed school staff:

When looking at possible solutions to a problem, it is always best to have an idea about what the desired outcome will look like. So what would it look like if an armed intruder picked a school where some of the staff were armed? Based on the conversations, it seems like people do not have the same picture of what we expect will happen.

Do we expect armed school staff to go from room to room seeking to engage the attacker? Absolutely not!

Run, Hide, Fight. That is the current recommended plan for responding to an armed attacker in a workplace or school. Run if you can. If you can’t run, hide. If the attacker finds you, then fight with whatever resources you have. This protocol should not change if some staff are armed. If an armed staff member is forced to fight, he or she is more likely to deter an attacker with a firearm than with scissors, books, and chairs.

Are there people who have faced an armed attacker in an office or school and tried to deter the attacker with available material? Those are the people I would like to hear from. What do they think about this question?



Subjective Faith vs Objective Faith

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I can almost guarantee that anyone reading the title of this post will get the wrong idea about it.

When most people hear the words “subjective” and “objective”, they think of the terms in relation to logic and reason.  That is, something that is subjective is prone to interpretation and judgment, while objective is observably true or false. It’s not where I’m going at all.

I am speaking grammatically.

The simplest sentences in the English language consist of a subject, a verb, and an object. As you know, the subject is the one who does the action. The object is the one who receives the action.

What does this have to do with your faith?  Well, let me ask you if you are going to Heaven. If you say yes, then I will ask you why. The way you answer that question could reveal something about your faith, no matter what you say.

If you say, “Because I believe in Jesus”, that might be a good answer. However, the subject of that sentence is “I”. I say that there is nothing that you can do that will get you into Heaven.  It’s what He does. If you always answer that question by stating what you have done, you should really think about it.

Why am I going to Heaven? Because Jesus died, was buried, and rose again and has forgiven me for my sin. It’s all about Him, not me.




Gun Control Following Dallas

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Following the police assassinations in Dallas, Texas this week, President Obama made the following statement: “If you care about the safety of police officers, then you can’t set aside the gun issue and pretend that’s irrelevant.”

Ireland for some time has had the most restrictive gun policies of any Western country. That did not stop the IRA from assassinating police officers during the Troubles.

Gun control does not now, never has, and never will prevent those who are committed to violence from committing violence.





Welcome to The Wonder Wander

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What’s a wonder wander?  That’s the meandering walk people do when they are trying to figure out where they are.  It is a good metaphor for what this blog is about: spurious topics with no real point except to express my viewpoint.

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